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187 Thrive Deeper: Colossians and Thessalonians

Episode Notes

Colossians: Paul wrote the letter to the Colossians while he was in prison, addressing a community in Colossae facing various doctrinal challenges, including the influence of false teachings. Key Themes: Supremacy of Christ: Paul emphasises the pre-eminence of Jesus Christ in all things, both in the heavens and on earth. Freedom from Legalism: He warns against the dangers of legalistic practices and emphasises that believers are complete in Christ. Ethical Living: Paul provides practical instructions for Christian living, emphasising virtues such as compassion, forgiveness, and love. Unity in Christ: The letter encourages believers to maintain unity and harmony within the body of Christ, avoiding divisions and strife. 1 & 2 Thessalonians: Paul wrote this letter to the Thessalonian church, a community he founded during his missionary journey. The believers in Thessalonica were facing challenges, including persecution and confusion about the return of Christ. Key Themes: Thanksgiving and Encouragement: Paul expresses gratitude for the Thessalonians' faithfulness and encourages them in their trials. Holiness and Sexual Purity: Paul stresses the importance of holy living, including sexual purity, and encourages believers to imitate Christ. The Return of Christ: A significant theme in Thessalonians is the Second Coming of Christ. Paul clarifies misconceptions and provides assurance about the future resurrection. Work and Responsibility: Paul addresses the importance of hard work, responsible living, and being mindful of one's actions while awaiting Christ's return. In all three letters, Paul combines theological teachings with practical instructions for Christian living, emphasising the centrality of Christ and the need for believers to live in a manner consistent with their faith.

Meet The Presenters

Dr Matt Jacoby

Matt is the teaching pastor at his church in Victoria, Australia, lecturer at the Melbourne School of Theology, an author, a songwriter and, a musician leading the Psalms project band Sons of Korah.

Matt has a doctorate in philosophy and theology from the University of Melbourne, and is the author of the daily Bible reading guide Thrive launched in 2005. Matt's most recent work as an author is his book Deeper Places (Baker Books USA 2013) with an expanded edition released in 2019. In Deeper Places, Matt shares a rich portrait of authentic spirituality. A gifted teacher and Bible scholar, Matthew is invited to speak at conferences and churches where he brings a fresh but foundational perspective to Scripture.

“I do a lot of teaching these days in my various roles but I always see myself more as a learner. I love learning. I enjoy academic learning and because of that I am a perpetual student of many disciplines. But most of all I love learning to live life the way God made me to live it.” MJ

DJ Paine

DJ is a podcaster, photographer and has had a number of years experience as a Christian Radio Breakfast announcer. He would consider himself a professional Christian music geek & amateur Bible nerd. DJ was raised on the Gold Coast and studied at Word Of Life Bible College in Sydney.

Devoted husband of Benita Paine and proud of their three boys: the #BrothersPaine

“If you have ever wondered if God has a place for you in His plan... or if you have ever felt you are just a round peg trying to fit into a square hole... well I want to encourage you: if God can use a goof like me then we are all in good hands! I love the scriptures and if I can leave any legacy behind it is simply to say: read the Bible, the Bible is God’s light by which we can really see the universe.” DJ

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