Christian Beliefs Video Series
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In this 7 session video series author, teacher and Pastor, Dr. Matthew Jacoby, leads us through the foundational beliefs of the Christian Faith answering questions like, Who is God? Who am I? Why am I here? How does Jesus make a difference? What is the ultimate purpose of the world?

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Thrive Deeper

Thrive Deeper is a companion product to the Thrive Daily Reading Guide.  In Thrive, Dr Matthew Jacoby works through books of the Bible taking readers on a journey of discovery through the Word. Every 2 weeks we release a new episode of Thrive Deeper which is a discussion around the past fortnights readings in Thrive. 

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Thrive Perspectives

Thrive Perspectives is another resource from the ThriveToday network discussing the different worldviews, angles and mindsets that inform how we live our lives. Join Dr Matthew Jacoby, host Stu Duncan, along with our special guests, as we discuss the different worldviews, angles and mindsets that inform how we live our lives.

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Thrive Equip

As we continue to develop this platform we will add additional resources focused on particular aspects of the faith journey. These will include topics such as authentic spirituality, foundational teaching and specific resources for new Christians. These resources are structured around fixed length studies such as Small Group study series or teaching series, and resources aimed at supporting and assisting in discipleship. 

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Bible Reading Guide

Thrive is a daily Bible reading guide written by Dr Matthew Jacoby, author, Teaching Pastor and leader of the Psalmist music group Sons of Korah. Each quarter, Thrive looks to take readers on a new journey of discovery that will help us get to know God better and love Him more. A God who wants you to live life as He intended – not just survive – but THRIVE. Most editions of Thrive are available as printed copies by subscription or as eBooks.

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