Thrive : Equip

A growing collection of resources focused on particular aspects of the faith journey. These will include topics such as authentic spirituality, foundational teaching and specific resources for new Christians. These resources are structured around fixed length studies such as Small Group study series or teaching series, and resources aimed at supporting and assisting in discipleship. 

Thrive Equip - Deeper Places

Deeper Places is a 7 session video series – author and teacher Dr. Matthew Jacoby – will share with you the rich portrait of authentic spirituality that we find in the Psalms. We will dive beneath the surface of mundane Christian practice and find those deeper places of real relationship with God.
This video teaching series is based on the book Deeper Places-The Spirituality of the Psalms.
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Christian Beliefs

This is a 7 session video series working through the foundational beliefs of the Christian faith. Dr Matthew Jacoby will provide teaching on topics such as; God and the Trinity; The Person And Work Of Christ; Faith, Salvation and the Holy Spirit; The Future of the World.
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This is a growing series of short video “explainers” unpacking some of the key Christian terms, practices and traditions. In each of these short videos, Dr Matthew Jacoby and our host DJ, will walk you through the meaning and importance of these practices and we hope, provide a safe place for you to explore questions about your faith.

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